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Covid 19

National Nurses Week
May 6 - May 12, 2022

Throughout the course of this pandemic experience, the collective nursing and frontline worker community has served with unparalleled courage and an unflinching commitment to duty.  They've been a lighthouse in a storm of confusion and fear, and I've long suspected they haven't felt or received the profound appreciation their efforts certainly deserve.


I wanted to offer my skills in gratitude and recognition of theirs.  While the exchange of energy isn't commensurate with their sacrifice and risk, the gesture was meant to remind them that they are deeply valued and appreciated and that what they've done in the face of an unprecedented global disaster has made all the difference.

My great friends and long time collaborators, Christopher Johnson and Glenn Rossney of The Misty Falls Motion Picture Company, joined me in this endeavor. 

Every person I photographed was asked to bring one item which represented their own personal experience of the pandemic.


Below are the portraits and stories of some of our heroes from the COVID-19 pandemic.

- Mariana

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