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Client Reviews


I had the BEST photo session I've EVER had in my life!  Mariana is FANTASTIC!!


Mariana is absolutely incredible to work with! I was so comfortable behind her lens and she gave me every reason to trust that each shot was going to be golden. The focus and lighting of each shot was spot on. And working with her was an utter joy! I am definitely going to shoot with her again and highly recommend her to any and everyone!


Headshot photography is about how the professionalism, foresight and technique the artist-photography brings to the table to make you as an up-in-coming entertainer look amazing and land your next big gig. And Tosca Photography has that in spades. Mariana, brings a bubbly smile and bright passion to each session with her keen eyes. I couldn't highly recommend anyone else enough as I can for her. Everything is on time, handled neatly and made better with her energy she brings. And them's the facts.


This was my first headshot ever and Mariana made it an amazing experience. She has a wonderful eye for color and composition and my shots came out better than I ever expected. She had so many terrific ideas, is very creative, collaborative, and easy going. There were almost too many good shots to choose from. I could not be happier with the results. Highly recommend!


As a filmmaker, I've had a diversity of photographic needs for myself and production personnel with whom I work ranging from corporate/professional shots, style shots, character shots, on location "working" shots, and head shots.   Mariana has been able to easily accommodate these diverse style and shooting requirements while exceeding my expectations in each case.  

Whether I've needed shots for the web, for inclusion in an edit, for publication and/or promotion, Mariana arranges the sessions to accommodate the required style and environment all the while keeping the mood light and fun.

In terms of finishing and retouching work, I have no higher recommendation.  Her creative and intuitive eye for composition, color and capturing genuine moments of truthful expression are exceptional.  

Even for seasoned professionals, being in front of the camera can be a stress inducing proposition.  I've found over countless sessions in a multitude of scenarios, it doesn't get much more natural or relaxed than it is with Mariana behind the camera.


I really love the shots Mariana took that day.  I feel she was able to capture, in such a short amount of time, the essence of who I am.  Her friendliness and obvious passion for her subjects and what she does make her a genuine pleasure to shoot with.


I have always had difficulty with taking photos and have avoided them as much as I can. I don't have an arsenal of poses like it seems all models possess, or what to do with those pesky hands, etc...

But Mariana was so great in assisting with incremental changes. Sure it felt strange at times, but the overall result was a darn good lookin' photo. She'll make you feel relaxed, special and has a great eye for the overall picture.


Great photos, affordable rates, very easy going and makes it a fun experience. A professional and welcoming environment. Very cool!


I'm so happy I decided to get my new headshots taken with Tosca Photography! Mariana has a keen eye for color, detail, and composition, and she has a wonderful passion for her craft that clearly shines through in her work.  She went above and beyond my expectations to ensure that I got just the photos I wanted.  And for those on a budget like I am, she is currently offering a two-look monthly special that's surprisingly affordable!

Despite having some initial headshot jitters, Mariana's easygoing style put me at ease as soon as I arrived. She helped me pick out the right wardrobe, and played a nice jazz and folk selection while we shot.  Her camera is very high-end, equipped with an impressive-looking portrait lens.

She gave me my photos before I left on a flash drive I'd brought along to the session, and offers retouching for a small fee.  

Normally, I cringe when I see my photos, but this time, with the dazzling light and color that she does so well, the hardest part for me will be deciding which ones to go with!

This is honestly the most optimistic I've felt about my career in a long time.  I feel I now have the tools to get more auditions and to be taken more seriously as an actor.  Thanks so much to Mariana for helping to make that happen. She really went that extra mile to make sure I got some great shots that look like I spent way more than I did.


Tosca Photography worked beautifully for me. After wasting time with several amateur photographers, I showed up at Mariana's studio, she took over and worked tirelessly to ensure everything was perfect, from lighting, look, vibe, everything. I recommend her highly, you'll be working with a pro and end up with exactly the photos you hoped for.


I have had photos taken throughout the years, at various stages of my working life.
At this time of life, I dreaded doing head-shots, because the reality is, usually not what you   want to see! Lucky me to have met Mariana,(Tosca Photography) and had the best session I have ever had! She only sees the best in her clients and that energy is captured through her camera. I am so happy with my new photos!
Do not miss the opportunity to experience this wonderful artist.


AMAZING PHOTOS! I've had a dozen photoshoots over the years and Mariana is the BEST! For experienced models or newbies she's a gem to work with! Not only is she precise with lighting and reflectors but she creates a safe and comfortable environment the moment you walk into her studio. She'll produce the PERFECT SHOT and then do so with ten different nuances. Her warmth, professionalism and wonderful suggestions in posing will make you forget its a photoshoot and have you thinking you're hanging out with a great friend. I recommend to all ages, sexes and backgrounds. She takes beautiful photos and captures a (natural) beaming smile.


Mariana is a genuinely talented photographer and an amazing human being. I wouldn't get my head shots taken by anyone else. She has great eye, is super patient and she listens to me when I told her what I was looking for. The best headshots I have gotten so far, and they have gotten me lots of opportunities.  Mariana, she is the best!


I had the pleasure of working with Mariana for my new headshots. She has a wonderful way about her, positive energy, great direction and an amazing eye. The proof is in the pudding as we say and my headshots were beautiful. She sent me so many great shots, edited and ready to print. I loved working with her and would recommend her 100%!


Mariana was awesome.  I have shot with tons of photographers over the years, with very mixed results.  Through and through Mariana is one of the best, great to work with, fun, knows her business (looks, light, back ground, image quality, touch ups), doesn't waste her time or mine and the most important, the final results were great.  Hardest part was picking out the best pic out of a ton of great pics.

Thanks so much, looking forward to a ton of auditions this pilot season.


Mariana has an amazing eye, and is fun to shoot with. She is the ultimate professional and really shoots the best REAL  you! Knowing that she has worked as an international  photographer and is sought out for her beautifully creative shots. ..helped me make my decision for a session. She simply knows what she is doing!  So happy with my new headshots! Thank you! ;)


I avoid getting headshots as I'm rarely happy with the process or the headshot. However, with Mariana I wound up with 5 headshots I really liked. And it was fun and painless shooting them. She's an artist every step of the way, including masterful retouching that doesn't show at all other than I know I don't look that good. I highly recommend her. And she's very reasonable with her pricing.


Mariana is the best photographer I have ever worked with. She has a fantastic eye. She understands lighting and takes beautiful pictures. So happy that she took my photo!


A friend of mine recommended Tosca Photography and I'm glad she did. Mariana (the main photographer) has an incredible eye for not just finding your best side, but also making sure the backdrop, lighting, and angles are all their best. These are things I never even considered when looking for a photographer.

Her attention to detail is the key, as is the personal amount of time she takes to make sure the photos are what you are looking for. And she is incredibly gracious with the amount of photos she takes (our session went past my scheduled time, but she kept working with me.)

The photos came back in less than 24 hours, and touch-ups came back even faster. I feel so satisfied to have finally found a headshot photographer I can trust and rely on. I'll be back.


Headshots for an actor can be daunting.  You have to trust the photographer to get it right the first time because so much is riding on that brief glance your picture may get by a casting director already overwhelmed by underwhelming headshots.  Mariana knows how to bring out the qualities an actor must deliver in order to succeed in this very competitive business.  Trust her to bring out your best.


I've been in the Entertainment Industry for nearly 40 years and have had headshots taken by the best photographers on both coasts.  I can, unequivocally, say that the photos I got from TOSCA Photography were the BEST images I've ever had taken in all those years.  The experience itself could not have been more comfortable, more creative, or more inspired.   It will be the best money you spend on photos.  Ever.


I just had four looks shot with Tosca Photography. I've never had photos this fantastic shot of me and I've shot with at least 20 of the top Southern California photographers over the course of my career. I'm really blown away at the level of artistry, technique and professional quality. I won't be shooting with anyone else from now on. You've made a client for life!


I saw some of Mariana's work online and I was impressed by the beauty and originality of her portraiture. The headshots she made for me were better than any taken of me in my entire professional career. I cannot overstate how good Mariana's work is, and how proud I am of my new image. Thank you.


Found this photographer through several friends who had shot there over the years and couldn't thank them enough for the referral. Best headshots EVER. If you need photos for your acting career or for publicity, or even for other business needs, don't hesitate to book a session with Tosca Photography. This is the photographer in Burbank and Hollywood, don't be confused by the other search listings with similar names in other cities, those are amateur photographers.


I'm so glad I found this photography studio on Google. I will never get my acting headshots or my real estate business photos done anywhere else. The price was unbeatable and the quality is beyond excellent. You get so much for your dollar here.


Best photographer I have ever shot with. Seriously. You will be so happy you went here.


From the moment you meet Mariana, you know right away, that you feel like you're at home. Warmest of hearts and impeccable talent with the camera. The way she directs you through the experience and how easy and fun it is, you'll wake up and realize hours have gone by in the blink of an eye. Truly the best photographer I have worked with.


Have had my headshots taken for 4 decades in both major markets. I am an old character actor and Tosca Photography gave me the best headshots I have ever had taken. These photos revitalized my career, by making casting directors who had forgotten I was around, call me in. If you go anywhere else to get headshots done on the West Coast, you are wasting your money. You will thank me.

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